Golden Egg Restaurant - Poor atmosphere, service and especially food.

Milford, Massachusetts 1 comment

My companion and I waited in line to be seated in a half empty, tired looking dining room.The hostess and wait staff could only be described as confused.We were finally seated at a sticky table close enough to the bathroom to hear people using it.

We were served the wrong drinks, but did not mention it to avoid further delay in service. Now, about the "homemade" food. My companion only ordered a piece of "homemade" coffee cake as the close proximity to the bathroom had put a damper on her appetite. If what she was served was made at the Golden Egg, perhaps they should use a frozen product to greatly improve taste and appearance.

I had the Eggs Benedict. For those of you unfamiliar with Eggs Benedict, it is supposed to be poached eggs on English muffin and Canadian bacon with hollandaise sauce.

However what I got was a barely toasted English muffin, domestic ham overcooked eggs and powdered sauce.Canned goods, powdered sauces and frozen deserts are not "homemade" as their website and menu claim.



are there any complains about Macker Entertainment?

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